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Cooking with B.J

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Pakistani Cuisine
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Western Cuisine

Main Course

a.jpg (651 bytes) Sweet & Sour Fish
Stire-fried fish with green beans, red pepper and mushrooms.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Italian Fish Stew
A variety of fish and shellfish cooked with saffron, garlic and tomatoes.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Peppered Rib of Beef
Boned and rolled rib, flavoured with herbs, garlic and coriander.

a.jpg (651 bytes) Beef Wellington
Tender fillet flavoured with pate and mushrooms, in puff pastry.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Pepper Staek ( Web Master's recipe)
Yummy - Just try it.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Fish N Chips
a.jpg (651 bytes) Honey Chicken Wings
a.jpg (651 bytes) Honey Chicken Wings (1)
a.jpg (651 bytes) Lemon Chicken
a.jpg (651 bytes) Orange Ginger Chicken
a.jpg (651 bytes) Pizza
a.jpg (651 bytes) Shepherd's Pie
a.jpg (651 bytes) Spaghetti With Spicy Meat Sauce
Try it - You will like a bit of Pakistani touch!
a.jpg (651 bytes) Chilli Tacos
Spicy mince and kidney beans in taco shells, topped with cheese lettuce and tomatoes
a.jpg (651 bytes) Creamy Mashed Potatoes
a.jpg (651 bytes) Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint
Chump chops marinated in vinegar, honey and mint, then grilled.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Lamb Fillet & Pepper Stir-fry
Stir-fried lamb with peppers, carrots, mangetouts and courgette.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Cheese Tart  
a.jpg (651 bytes) Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken and prawns with bean sprouts and noodles in an oriental sauce.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Honey Barbecued Drumsticks
Grilled or barbecued drumsticks in a soy, citrus and honey marinade.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Roast Stuffed Turkey
Traditional roast with festive stuffing, forcemeat balls and seasonal vegetables.
a.jpg (651 bytes) Roast Potatoes with Garlic
Potatoes roasted with whole garlic cloves until crisp and golden.

NOTE: All recipes that are not highlighted are available on request.

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